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Dmon Pea Protein Mixed with MCT

Dmon Brand

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High protein 23 g/spoon

No milk ingredients (Non-dairy)

Good fats from natural plants (oil from Plants)

Cholesterol Free

Energy 140 kcal (Low kcal)

Suitable for people with Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet)

Low Carb

No sugar added


Pea Protein Mixed with MCT Cocoa Flavor (Vegetarian Formula) 1,000g /2Lbs

** Contains 1,000 grams, eat 1 spoon (35 grams) per time, mix with 350 ml of water, 29 times **(Net WT. 1,000g.)

Protein formula for the Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet) low carb. No Sugar Added, Cocoa Flavor (No Coloring, No Artificial Flavor or Preservatives),
23g Protein, Good Fats from Plants and MCT “Medium-chain Triglyceride” (35g per serving), Easy to brew, dissolve quickly, Delicious taste, No Sugar added.

Made from yellow pea protein. from Canada and MCT, the only Vegan 1 formula from the United States.
Protein is not off-label, certified by LAB ALS.

-High protein 23 g/spoon
-No milk component (Non-dairy) -Good
fat from natural plants (oil from Plants)
-Cholesterol Free
-Energy 140 kcal (Low kcal) -Suitable
for Keto people Jenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet)
- Low Carb (Low Carb)
- No Sugar added.

- Boost protein for the body to build muscle
- A good source of protein and fat for keto dieters.
- Get the amount of protein your body needs. But carbohydrates are lower than the consumption of meat, milk, eggs, etc.
- It is energy that the body can use at all. No need to wait for the digestion process The body immediately receives energy from Plant proteins and MCTs
- Helps control starch and sugar for those who are in the weight loss phase. who can not eat flour and sugar

- Helps to control weight
- Suitable for those who do Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet)
- People who are allergic to lactose (Lactose intolerance) eat milk and have diarrhea
- People who exercise / need protein to strengthen muscles
- Take along with regular exercise will make you in better shape.
-Protein does not fall on the label, has a certificate from LAB ALS / certified by the FDA.
- people with conditions High triglycerides and LDL / eat to increase good fats, reduce bad fats
or weakened by refraining from starch and sugar
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
- The price is not as expensive as you think. plus delicious taste